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Earn 2X Loyalty Points on ALL ORDERS!
Earn 2X Loyalty Points on ALL ORDERS!
Millennial Stone Cleaner

Millennial Stone Cleaner

TikTok exploded this past year with gravestone cleaning bits, voice over graveside stories, and veteran stone cleaning missions. We appreciate more than words can describe all of your support!

Wade Fowler has become a great friend to us here at Atlas. Millennial Stone Cleaner @millennialstonecleaner is his social media tag and he can be found on platforms from Tiktok to Instagram to YouTube. His dedication to stone cleaning, as well as restoration and repair is evident, and he's also pretty hilarious. If you haven't seen the Chad bit on TikTok, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Wade attended a three day long stretch of the 48 State Tour this past August in Wisconsin and Minnesota and was able to obtain great footage of the work and training that was accomplished. This includes the repair and resetting of a life size monument The Seemann Angel. His new YouTube channel is nothing short of spectacular, and his video editing skills are on point. Make sure to check him out and subscribe!

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