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Happy 4th! Take 10% off using code AMERICA

Damaged Swedish Linseed Oil Paint - Falu Red Sample Size (100 or 125ml)

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DAMAGED PRODUCT - Linseed oil leaked onto container. Container is sealed and no product has been lost.

Item#: D0121


Made of Swedish cold-pressed boiled linseed oil and colour pigments. Adapted for painting both indoors and outdoors.

The colour sample shows three different shades. (Above) the standard shade, (left) a mixture of equal volumes of standard shade and White Titanium-Zinc (1+1) and (right) a mixture of one part standard shade and three volumes of White Titanium-Zinc (1+3). You can mix these different shades yourself.

Considerations when painting indoors:
Add 1% (10 ml per litre) of the drying agent cosirk.
Ensure good ventilation and follow the recommended drying times.
When painting indoors, higher demands are made on finish and surfaces.
Higher gloss and improved flow can be achieved by adding Ottossons Sun Oxidized linseed oil and/or Linseed Oil Varnish. The added ingredients should be between 0.5-1.5 dl/litre and should only be applied in the final colour. Surfaces subjected to increased wear can be further treated with oil varnish or oil veneer after approx. 2 weeks.
Clean painted surfaces with water and detergent (not soap) or use the product Fulgentin, which can be found in our product range.

Coverage: The coverage of Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint is about twice that of any acrylic paint. Apply thin coats. Linseed oil paint goes a long way. Use a short stiff natural bristle brush. Our hand made Swedish natural paint brushes work very well with Linseed oil paint.

1 Liter (1.05 quart)- 110 - 160 Square ft
3 Liter (.85 gallon)- 330 - 480 square ft

Ottosson Fargmakeri Swedish Linseed Oil Paint is made using pressed flax seeds grown at one Sweden's largest flax seed growers! These flax seeds contain a specifically high concentration of linolenic and linoleic acid in comparison to other flax seeds on the market. This helps the oil to form a strong film providing a stronger surface when painting.

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