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Happy 4th! Take 10% off using code AMERICA
Happy 4th! Take 10% off using code AMERICA

Mangiamacchia - Spot Remover (250ml, 1 Liter, 5 Liter)


It removes oil, grease, coffee, ketchup spots and others. Apply a layer of 5 mm thickness. After 2/3 hours, once dry, remove using a brush. If necessary, repeat the application until complete removal of the spot. Keep in the original container. It is certified and guaranteed for foodstuff direct contact.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Ask a Question
  • Could this product remove a blue ink stain?

    Hello! The mangiamacchia is very effective at removing many different types of staining. The Akemi Good-Bye Stain is a new product that we carry and will remove ink staining on marble, granite, concrete ashlar, quartz, and ceramics.

  • Would this remove a blue stain that I think is ink?

    We recommend Akemi Good-Bye Stain for ink!

  • would this product remove Valspar acrylic silicone infused stone sealer from sandstone?

    Hello, The 3 best options for this would be:
    Acryclean Silicone Remover
    Impgregnation Remover
    Epoxy Remover