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CLICK TO VIEW D/2 Cleaning Contest Winners!

Pratley Standard Setting Putty - 125 Grams

by Pratley
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  • The original Pratley Putty!
  • Was the first of it's kind in the world.  
  • Hand moldable adhesive which sets very hard.  
  • Ideal for underwater use.  
  • The only South African product to go to the moon!  

Instruction Leaflet

Safety Data Sheet


Ask a Question
  • Can you mix the the putty's for color variation? Like the steel with the white to get gray? Or is it better to buy white and mix with black tint to get gray? We tried the stand putty and it didn't match very well.

    No, you should not mix these products together. 
    Solomon Colors can be used for coloring the putty.

  • Pratley Standard Setting putty-what color is the small package? Does it need to be tinted to better match? White and black seem too extreme, I 'll need a grey.

    The Pratley Standard Setting dries to an off-white color. It can be pigmented to better match
    We also have Pratley Steel Putty which gray in color.