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D/2 Cleaning Contest!
D/2 Cleaning Contest!

Bricklayer's Tool Kit w/ 20" Nylon Tool Bag

  • Tools included:
  • Nylon tool bag
  • 11FG - 11" Brick Trowel, London Pattern with DuraSoft Handle
  • 6 - 6 X 2 3/4 Pointing Trowel
  • 5x2 Margin Trowel
  • 1/2 and 5/8 Brick Jointer
  • Wood Line Blocks
  • Mason's Line Winder with 250' braided line
  • Masonry Brush
  • Joint Raker
Item#: 16204


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    • What putty does a bricklayer use?

      Bricks can be installed with many different kinds of mortars. We are importers of Otterbein NHL products imported from Germany which are excellent for bricklaying. We also have lime putty imported from Italy which is another option for brick work.