Battiferro Italian Tools

Battiferro di Maniago S.n.c. is an Italian manufacturer of construction tools that has been operating on the international market for decades. It was established with its current name in 1957, although the founder, Toni d'Avian Beltrame, had been working in the construction tool business from the early twenties. At that time the now widely spread manufacturing machines were not yet in use, and you had to rely solely on hand work. In 1960 Battiferro started his commercial expansion in the international market when Emilio Beltrame began manage the firm. During the years Battiferro has always kept up the pace with the changing and always up to date manufacturing techniques using always more efficient automatic machineries.
In 1990, son Antonio Beltrame joined the family business to learn all secrets of the trowels' manufacturing process. Now the third generation of Beltrame is taking command of the business with the same dedication to serve our customers with the best products possible.

The company's product include brick trowels and plastering trowels in several patterns, floats ornamental tools, putty knives and scrapers. The company's range has been evolving in order to cope with different customer demand and wider market areas. The recently automated production of welded brick trowels has been created with the aim of countering (although on a higher quality level) the commercial onset of the Far East. This does not mean that Battiferro has renounced paying attention to the final outcome of each of its products.

The very high quality of Battiferro's range of tools is the main reason of its success. The sales of solid forged trowels, that are Battiferro's most widespread product, never decreased in spite of a market that is increasngly keen on prices. This is because quality costs, but it also lasts: products at the lower end of the price range do not have even half the durability and reliability of solid forged trowels. As for the welded brick trowels they combine the compact outlook of forged trowels with the benefit of a lower price.

Ever since it came into existence, the company has been selling most of its products on the international market, from Australia to the Middle East and from the Europe to the United States. For this reason, it has a wide experience on the specific tool models that are sold in many national markets.