Conservare® OH100 - 1 Quart


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Size: 1 Quart

Penetrating stone and masonry strengthener.

Conservare® OH100 is a ready-to-use consolidation treatment that stabilizes masonry by replacing the natural binding materials, lost due to weathering, with silicon dioxide.When properly applied, Conservare® OH100 penetrates deeply, does not form a dense surface crust, and retains the substrate's natural vapor permeability. In addition to the general consolidation of severely deteriorated masonries, Conservare® OH100 is an effective pretreatment for friable substrates that need to be strengthened before cleaning, patching or coating. Conservare® OH100 may be used on most types of natural stone, concrete, stucco, brick, terra cotta, etc.

  • One component -- easy-to-use. Strengthens deteriorated stone.
  • Low viscosity allows deep penetration. Will not form hardened surface crust.
  • The new binder is mineral -- similar to the original stone -- no synthetic polymers.