Fiberglass Rebar - 5/8"

Conserv Epoxy

Brand: Conserv Epoxy


Width - 5/8 Inch

(Not full length in images)

ConServ Epoxy's 800 Fiberglass Rebar is a structural spiral wrapped fiberglass reinforcing rod which is corrosion resistant, nonconductive and lightweight, while it is one-fourth the weight of steel rebar. It more closely matches the characteristics of wood for modulus of elasticity, expansion and contraction, and condensation than does typical steel reinforcing rod.

Warning - Wear gloves when handling fiberglass rebar to avoid splinters

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  • Can you use this as a deck spindle? Can you paint it to reduce irritation when touched?

    Yes, you can paint it with anything that will stick to fiberglass. Once it's well coated it should not be abrasive anymore.