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Linseed Oil Paint - 125m (7 Color Options)


Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint can be applied on any surface. It protects the substrate from weather and wind, the ravages of time and the changing seasons. In Sweden, as in the rest of Europe, there is a long tradition of painting buildings and interiors with linseed oil paint. The reason the paint has survived for 500 years is because it really does provide protection to the substrate on which you are painting. However, the fact that it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive per square meter is also an advantage that should not be ignored.

Note When Comparing Price: Please be aware that Ottosson linseed paint is 100% dry weight. Nothing evaporates when you paint. The paint covers twice the surface compared to conventional petroleum acrylic paint.

Color Mixing: For lighter shades of Ottosson Linseed Paint, add White Titanium Zinc Paint to any other color. A wide variety of colors can be created by mixing the base colors together as well.

Coverage: The coverage of Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint is about twice that of any acrylic paint. Apply thin coats. Linseed oil paint goes a long way. Use a short stiff natural bristle brush. Our hand made Swedish natural paint brushes work very well with Linseed oil paint.

1 Liter (1.05 quart)- 110 - 160 Square ft
3 Liter (.85 gallon)- 330 - 480 square ft

When to paint: Paint in 60 degree ambient temperature or warmer. Cold temperatures will slow the drying time. Indoors, make sure you ventilate well. Linseed Oil Paint will cure faster with ample air circulation.

How to paint outdoors: Apply primer coat of purified organic raw linseed oil with 30% paint. Allow 4-5 days to dry. Apply 1 coat undiluted paint allowing at least 2-3 days to dry. Follow with 1 final coat of undiluted paint. Maintain the linseed oil painted surface with purified organic boiled linseed oil when the surface looks dry. Paint can be applied directly on to raw wood, metal or plastic that is clean and dry. Always do a test on a small area before starting a project to ensure the result you desire. Use a short stiff natural bristle brush. Our hand-made Swedish natural paint brushes work very well with Linseed oil paint.


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