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FREE Atlas Gear w/ Select Gift Card Purchases & Orders $250+
FREE Atlas Gear w/ Select Gift Card Purchases & Orders $250+

Monument Repair Kit - Millennial Stone Cleaner Edition

Oh Hoist T-Shirt
4 Pack Wooden Blocks

Reset a Monument Millennial Stone Cleaner Style! 

Grab the supplies needed to reset a headstone onto a flat base & OH HOIST! T-Shirt. Small kit will set one multi-level monument, or two single-level monuments.

Kit Includes:

  • Monument Setting Compound - 1 Pint (1.9lb)
  • Pratley Standard Setting Putty - 2x100g units
  • #2 Lead Wedge - 8x pre-cut pieces
  • Oh Hoist! T-Shirt
  • 4 Large Nitrile Gloves
  • Marshalltown 2" Plastic Scraper
  • 4 Pack Hardwood Blocks - 1/2" x 1.5" x 12" (optional)

Monument Setting Compound

Industry standard monument setting compound for creating seal between headstone and base. Miles Supply’s Set-Rite, is a premier setting compound. Always fresh and ready to use!

Tips & Tricks: Hardening can be prevented by keeping covered with water and tightly sealed. Keep out of reach from children, wash hands thoroughly after use. Keep container sealed and away from direct sunlight & store at room temp!
Tips & Tricks: Use the Marshalltown plastic scraper instead of a tuck pointer to trim excess compound

Pratley Standard Setting Putty

Great for repairing gravestones - fill cracks, small voids and use in conjunction with Monument Setting Compound to reset monuments.

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