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Light Gray Setting Compound 1 Gallon


Industry standard monument setting compound for creating seal between headstone and base.

Miles Supply’s Set-Rite, is a premier setting compound. Always fresh and ready to use!

COLOR: Light Gray

SIZE: 1 Gallon

Best used in combination with spacers


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  • Am setting a 3 by 5 foot granite die on a base and will use Set-Rite setting compound and some dabs of Tenax Domo10 epoxy. What thickness of spacers should I use? Need to balance setting compound with epoxy gap filling capability. 1/16 or 1/8 ? Are four spacers enough given the size of the die or should I use six? Is there any argument for using lead wedges rather than the plastic spacers? Thank you

    Many modern monument companies will use 1/8" plastic spacers for all of their monument installation. The vast majority of the time only 4 spaces (1 in each corner) are used. 
    Plastic spacers are extremely hard and also slippery, especially on a polished stone.

    An alternative option is to cut 4 small pieces of wedge lead. Lead will crush slightly, keeping the stone in place and if there are any small amounts of old bonding material or imperfections in the stone the lead will compensate for the difference. The #2 wedge lead is slightly thinner and would be my first choice for the majority of setting work.

    1/8" Plastic Spacers -
    #2 Wedge Lead -

  • in resetting a monument, how thick should the putty be? &, do you reset the monument to the base immediately or do you let it dry a bit?

    An average thickness for compound when first applied is between 3/8 - 1/2 inch thick.
    After the momument is lowered, the compound will squeeze out and need to be trimmed. The trimmings can be re-used. 

    It is always best to set monuments on a clean and dry stone. 

    Spacers should also be used on each corner of the headstone.
    For spacers we recommend Wedge Lead #2.