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Use code THANKS for 15% off ALL ORDERS! Santa Mugs FREE w/ orders $75+ and Sweatpants FREE w/ orders $200+

Stone Glamor - 1 Quart

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An oil based penetrating and topical sealer for tile, stone, brick, slate, worn marble, alabaster, and many other uses.  Protects and Beautifies.

Sparks Stone Glamor is a highly versatile penetrating and topical sealer with a broad range of applications such as:

Quarry and clay tiles: Mexican saltillo, Spanish clay tiles, etc.
Stone Products: Slate, travertine, granite, sandstone, marble, limestone, etc.
Cementicious: Concrete, grouts and mortar, stucco, etc.

Stone Glamor is also great on alabaster, brick pavers, blocks, and stepping stones.

Water resistance: 72 hours submersion without degradation.

Oil resistance: 72 hours resistance to household oils.

Household chemicals: Resists ammonia, vinegar, aliphatic paint thinners, alcohols & detergents.

Color: 1 color garner. Nearly clear.

Color effect: Brings out existing colors. Slightly amber on white surfaces.

Gloss: Nil to high depending on number of coats. Multiple coats will increase gloss appearance. Can easily be reduced with light buffing.

Coverage: Dependent on porosity, approx. 400 – 800 square ft/gal. Approx. 1000 square ft/gal on hard quarry tile.

Oil Based Sealer: Penetrates much better than water based sealers on dense materials.

Dry time: Highly dependent on temperature, humidity and ventilation. Average values: Tack free in under two hours. Dry between four and six hours. Over application will increase dry times.

Temperature window: 50 – 90 degrees F. (10 C) Min.

Hardness: Sward greater than 30. Tg equivalent approx. 50. Overall hardness is affected by film thickness

Preparation: Surface must be clean, extremely DRY, and free of detergents, waxes, and unknown sealers. Over application will increase dry time. If treating efflorescence, do not use sulfamic or powdered acids. Use Sparks Brick & Tile Cleaner. Do not use over fluoropolymers, silane or siloxane containg products. (Breathable Sealers)

Application: Soft bristle brushes, foam rubber brushes, paint pads or lambs wool applicator. Rollers are not recommended. Allow complete drying of previous coat before re-application.Hand pump sprayers may be used by professional installers. High pressure and high shear sprayers should be avoided. Not for use on sand set projects. Very smooth surfaces require practice before applying to end work. Thin coats only. Additional precautions regarding health are recommended, such as respirators, eye protection and protective clothing and gloves.

Provide adequate ventilation during application and dry time.


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  • How much to cover 450 sq. ft.?

    1 gallon will cover 400-800 square feet.