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Take 10% off Lamson Tools! Putty knives, kitchen tools, & BBQ sets (no code required)

Water Stopper Hydraulic Cement

by Rutland
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RUTLAND Water Stopper Hydraulic Cement is a 6200 psi compressive strength dry-mix cement that sets in 5 minutes to quickly stop water leaks and seepage in masonry, even while under pressure. Its many uses include swimming pool repair, leaking water storage containers, basement walls with cracks or frost damage, and as anchoring cement.
  • 9-1/2 lb Tub
  • Paintable after curing
  • Approximate coverage: 34 sq in per lb at 1/2″ thick
  • Made in the USA


MIXING: Mix Water Stopper with COLD, clean water. Add just enough water so that the mix is of putty consistency. Mix only as much as can be used within 3-5 minutes, before it hardens.

TO PATCH HOLES OR CRACKS: Using maximum pressure, force cement into crack or hole by pushing firmly. Do not brush or re-trowel over the surface, as the crack will not seal. Keep damp for at least 15 minutes.

TO STOP RUNNING WATER: Start at the top of the crack and force Water Stopper in firmly. At points of greater pressure, do not place cement into opening immediately, hold in hand or on trowel until slight warmth or drying starts. Then press cement firmly into opening. Exert pressure over the plug for a few minutes with trowel or hand until material sets and active water stops running. Shave patch even with the surrounding wall surfaces.

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