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Go BIG Sale! Take 12% off orders $250+ and FREE tee's w/ orders $150+
48 State Tour - Open & Free to Public!

48 State Tour - Open & Free to Public! Tour Begins August 20!

Hello! We are excited to begin the 48 state tour on August 20th! 
Visit to find information regarding location & date for all of the states.

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We are conducting 48 workshops in 48 states, and trying to complete the tour in 48 days (if humanly possible)! The mission is to help local cemeteries and educate attendees on how to perform common repairs themselves.

Each event will be a minimum of a half day, and most events will have an afternoon session. All workshops will be free of charge and open to the public.

A typical workshop will be conducted as follows:
  • Discussion on historic preservation with a focus on masonry, cemeteries and gravestones
  • A short walk and talk tour, visually surveying some of the most historic gravestones and monuments which are in need of repair
  • Cleaning demonstrations will include
    • Safe and effective removal of biological activity with D/2 Biological Solution
    • Graffiti removal with Elephant Snot and graffiti prevention discussion.
  • Overview for rust and lime / calcium removal from irrigation staining
  • Hands on! After the cleaning demonstration, workshop participants are encouraged to adopt a gravestone and perform the cleaning process
  • Veteran stones will be cleaned at each event
Each cemetery will varying preservation needs, however we will attempt to demonstrate all of the most common conservation treatments at each location:
  • Join a fractured tablet
  • Raise and/or level a badly leaning, sunken or fallen tablet stone
  • Reset and join elements of a multiple piece monument
  • Problems associated with portland cement
  • Historic pointing mortars, formulations, applications, curing
  • *If time allows* A lifting tripod will be constructed and demonstrated
We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks during this National Tour!

Best Regards,
Jon Appell & The Atlas Team

We are proud to have these sponsors for the tour:
Atlas Preservation
D/2 Biological Solution
Graffiti Solutions
Magnolia Brush
ZippKool Cooling Gear
Smith Sprayers
Wolverine Tool
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