Prompt Natural Cement - 15 KG


Brand: Vicat


15 KG Bucket + Tarda

Vicat Prompt is a clear ochre-colored natural cement that binds and settles quickly. For nearly 150 years, this natural hydraulic binder has been manufactured with the same process: fired at lower temperature than artificial cement.

  • Its quick binding, resistant and waterproof qualities make it the preferred choice of builders who do quick masonry work and are involved in sanitation work under varied conditions (cold, humidity, immersion). 
  • Its clear ochre color, low modulus elasticity, and excellent durability allow for optimal use in the restoration and decoration of heritage buildings and structures. 
  • 100% natural prompt cement is compatible with hemp fibre and lime for manufacturing mortar and hemp concrete, as well as hemp fiber blocks for wall, floor and roof insulation.

Quick masonry work, water and sanitation, restoration and decoration of heritage buildings and structures, green building ... these are some of the many uses of our high-performing natural cement. 

Tarda - to control setting time:
The setting time can be managed with Tarda, a product especially made to take into account the pace of the work being done.  Tarda is a retarder made of 100% food grade citric acid and is the most efficient setting retarder for prompt natural cement. Its use is indispensable for the workability of the cement laying or pouring.

  • Sealing
  • Work repairs
  • Laying of decorative low walls in stones or for surface paving
  • Waterproofing of basins, reservoirs
  • Construction of cofferdams
  • Water network projects
  • Eco-construction projects
  • Hemp-based wall insulation 
  • Decorative coating 

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