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Memorial Day Sale! ❤️💙 10% off most products (no code required)
Memorial Day Sale! ❤️💙 10% off most products (no code required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering, Returns, & Shipping

Do you have a storefront?

Yes! We are open to the public 6 days/week. We are located at 122 Spring Street, B1 Southington, Connecticut 06489 diagonally across from BJ's. You will see our signs on the building from the street.

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm

How can I place an order?

Easy online ordering here through our website or over the phone at (860) 426-3111. In store pick-up available in Southington, Connecticut. Select "pick up" at checkout. For technical questions email or call (860) 426-3111.

How much does shipping cost?

Once you add items into your cart, you will be given all shipping options at checkout before entering in payment.

We use all major shipping carriers - USPS, FedEx, UPS

Can I pay with a credit card? All I am seeing are options for PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Shop Pay.

Yes, you can pay with any credit card! Once you get to the checkout page, enter in your shipping address and scroll down to click 'continue to shipping.' You will see all shipping options and rates. Select one and then click 'continue to payment.' Here you can enter any credit card number and complete your order. 

How long until I receive my order?

During checkout, you will see all shipping carrier options with pricing and expected delivery times. These delivery times are an estimate based on your location. USPS, FedEx, and UPS pick up from us Monday-Friday. We strive to get your package out as quickly as possible. All orders will ship out same day, or next business day. We currently do not ship out on Saturday and Sunday.

Once your shipping label is created, you will receive an email with tracking information that will be updated with expected delivery once the carrier picks the package up. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Expedited shipping: We offer FedEx Overnight and 2-day shipping. Saturday delivery is not guaranteed.

  • Overnight shipping orders need to be placed by 3pm Mon-Thur to guarantee next day delivery.
  • 2-Day shipping orders need to be placed by 3pm Mon-Wed to guarantee two-day delivery.

Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere in the United States and Canada. Please email us with special requests and we are happy to check out the options!

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do mail to Canada occasionally however we are not responsible for additional customs and duty fees outside of the shipping that we quote. We are always happy to give you a quote! Please email or message us ( with your full shipping address and the items that you are interested in.

Can I place an order with next day shipping?

FedEx Express Overnight is the guaranteed next day shipping option that we offer. This service is guaranteed for delivery Monday-Friday. Although it is regional, the overnight service cannot be guaranteed for Saturday delivery. FedEx Express Overnight orders need to be placed by 3pm Monday-Thursday, otherwise next day delivery is not garunteed.

If you are in the Northeast and place an order using FedEx Ground/Home Delivery, or UPS Ground - it is possible you will receive your package the next day.

How can I track my package?

Tracking information is automatically sent via email or text after an order is placed. Make sure to input your email so that you receive these updates. Please contact us if you have not received your tracking information.

Can I change an order that has already been placed?

Yes! Please contact us immediately and include all necessary information.

Any order that has not shipped yet can be adjusted and cost differences will be refunded. If you would like to add items you will need to call us and provide your card information since we do not store card information.

I am having trouble viewing prices and checking out

We apologize for any inconvenience with the website. If you are using an oudated browser, the prices may not show on product pages. We are happy to help you over the phone during business hours (860)426-3111, or please message us in the Live Chat or Email with a lit of the items you are looking for. We can put the order together for you and simply email it over with a link for payment!

My order arrived damaged. What can I do?

Call or email us as soon as you can with your order number, name, and what went wrong. We will offer a discount to keep the item, or send a replacement if necessary.

Can I return my order?

You can return your order. All returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days of delivery. Returned merchandise will not be accepted without our authorization. Please contact us before returning

If your item is not damaged, you are responsible for the return shipping and will not be refunded for the original shipping cost.

A refund for the items will be immediately processed once the return is received. The refund will be applied to the same payment method you used for the purchase.

How can I leave a review?

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Account, Reward Points, & Discounts

How can I create an account?

Click here to create a new account

What if I forget my password?

Try logging into your account and click on 'forgot my password.' You will be prompted through steps in order to change your password.

How can I earn reward points?

Click here to find out how to earn points and view your rewards!

  • Place an order - $1 = 1 point
  • +50 Loyalty Points on your birthday
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How can I check my rewards?

Log into your account and click 'Rewards Program' at the top right of the homepage. Your rewards details will pop up showing how many Loyalty Points you have and which rewards you are eligible for.

Can I use my reward points during a sale?

No. You cannot use any rewards in conjunction with a sale or other discount code.

My discount code is not working

Call us with any issues. If we cannot figure out the problem, we can help you place the order over the phone using your discount code.

(860) 426-3111

Do you offer discounts for veterans or boy scouts?

Yes, we offer a discount for veterans and boy scouts! Please call us, and we can give you a unique discount code or help place your order over the phone.

(860) 426-3111

Sarco Window Glazing Putty

What's the difference between Dual Glaze and Type M?

Dual Glaze Type M

Dual Glaze is usually used for windows in situ, meaning fixed in the wall. Recommended for outdoor application but can also be applied indoors

Type M should be applied indoors. When we say "inside" we are referring to the application of the product. You don't want to apply the putty and leave it outside before painting. Type M is for exterior or interior side facing windows

Used on wood and metal Used on wood only

Slower drying time: 2-3 weeks depending on temps and conditions

Faster drying time: 3-10 days depending on temps and conditions


How much do I need? What is the coverage?

One gallon of putty will cover 336 linear feet | one quart of putty will cover 84 linear feet 

What temperature should I apply the putty?

It is advisable to apply the putty in above freezing temperatures. Make sure the putty is pliable during application.

Avoid application in frosty or damp conditions.

What type of paint is recommended once the putty is dry?

A high quality acrylic/latex or oil based paint.

Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint would be a great option

D/2 Biological Solution

What type of growth is D/2 Biological Solution effective on?

D/2 is effective on mold, algae, mildew, lichens, and air pollutants.

The most common kind of staining found on gravestones and cemetery monuments is biological activity consisting of all types of growth listed here

What type of surface is D/2 safe to use on?

D/2 Biological Solution is safe to use on

  • marble
  • granite
  • limestone
  • brownstone
  • travertine
  • masonry - brick and cast stone
  • terra cotta
  • concrete
  • stucco
  • wood
  • aluminum
  • vinyl siding
  • canvas
  • nylon
  • other architectural surfaces including monuments, sculpture and headstones

How can I apply D/2?

We are working on instructional sheets to send with D/2 orders!

Immediate Result Scrub Method

  1. First, always make sure the stone you are working on is not unstable or leaning as this could be extremely dangerous!
  2. If there is raised lichen present on the stone, spray with D/2 or water and use a flexible plastic scraper to scrape off the heavy growth.
  3. Apply D/2 Biological Solution hand pump sprayer or lithium ion power sprayer (view our sprayers here!)
  4. Allow undiluted D/2 to remain on the surface 10-15 minutes
  5. Apply additional D/2 as necessary to maintain a wet surface
  6. Scrub with soft nylon or natural bristle brush. NEVER EVER USE METAL BRUSHES! (view our gravestone restoration brushes and scrapers here)
  7. Lightly mist with water and continue scrubbing
  8. When scrubbing is complete, rinse thoroughly with clean, potable water

No Scrub / No Rinse Method

  1. Using a sprayer, wet the entire surface with D/2
  2. Walk away and allow to air dry

Regardless of which method is used, D/2 will continue to work with the cycle of natural elements. Results will occur in about one week to one month, depending on severity of soil. Sometimes maximum results may take up to 6 months.

Reapply if rain occurs within 12 hours of application.

What is the coverage?

D/2 Biological Solution has coverage of roughly 250-300 square feet/gallon. The quart size, therefore, will clean roughly 60-75 square feet. You can get away with 1-2 average sized stones with the quart! This will vary depending on how much growth is present and how much of the solution is used.

Should I dilute D/2?

Typically D/2 is used undiluted for optimal effects, although you can dilute if you wish.

Is D/2 harmful?

D/2 Biological Solution is the most widely used gravestone cleaner in America. It is biodegradable and has a pH of 9.5. D/2 has been used on the White House, Arlington Cemetery, Gettysburg Cemetery and many more.  

I cleaned a stone, and now it is an orange color. Is this normal?

Yes! This means that the D/2 is working. The orange / yellow tint comes from the biological growth dying off, similar to the leaves changing colors during the fall. The color should dissapear over the next few weeks as the solution continues to work. 

Does D/2 expire?

The expiration date on D/2 is 5 years from when the container is opened

Does D/2 freeze?

D/2 Biological Solution will freeze if left in very cold temperatures for an extended period of time. The freezing temperature of D/2 is about 10-16 degrees Fahrenheit, and the D/2 will mostly turn to a thick slush. Freezing does not harm D/2, and once it thaws it will still be good to use. Be careful, though! If your D/2 freezes, it may crack the container and will leak once in liquid form again.

How long can I use D/2 once temperatures start dropping? How cold is too cold?

D/2 biological solution can be applied in any temperature above freezing as long as the stone dries before temperatures drop below freezing. It could be applied on a day that’s 45° without any issues. Additionally, D/2 actually will not freeze till about 10°F. It has a lower freezing temperature than water due to the surfactants. Fall is an excellent time to apply D/2. It will not have as quick / immediate cleaning effect and will have a more delayed effect. In many cases, the stones will look amazing by spring!

Is D/2 safe to use on bronze?

Yes, D/2 is safe to use on bronze but it will not clean oxidation.

Click here for bronze restoration products

Do I need permission to clean gravestones?

Permission should be requested in advance of performing any cemetery preservation work. Depending on the location of the cemetery this may include many different situations. Cemeteries that have staff on the site should be notified in advance of work being performed. 

If a cemetery is maintained by the town then there will be a contact number available for you to reach. 

Abandoned cemeteries represent a unique situation where there is no one simple answer. It would be wise to contact the local historic society, or funeral directors in the region may have information to help determine if there is any stewardship of the site. 

What about cleaning a family plot?

This depends on the location of the specific cemetery, and the regulations that are applicable. 

Generally speaking, cleaning of your own family or relative's gravestones should always be allowed.

Is there Technical Data for D/2 Biological Solution?

Technical Data:

D/2 is a quaternary ammonium solution with surfactants to enhance cleaning capabilities.
Physical Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Transparent, low viscosity liquid
Color . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Almost colorless
pH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.5
Specific Gravity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.01g/cc
Solubility in Water . . . . . . . . . . . . . Complete
Vapor Pressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 mm Hg @ 20C

It looks like the Quart bottle comes with a spray nozzle, does the gallon come with one also?

No. Only the D/2 Quarts come with spray nozzles.

What if the staining is not biological activity?

There are many other possible causes of staining such as atmospheric staining from soot and pollution, which is most often found in cities. Another common form of staining is caused by iron oxidizing and becomes a rust color on the stone.

Additionally there are many other possible forms of staining that may be encountered including: graffiti, sap from trees, and oil from maintenance equipment. 

We carry many specific cleaning products designed for these situations! Stone Cleaning Products

Will D/2 kill the grass around the stone?

If the grass is very dry, it will absorb all of the cleaning solution and, in some situations, this can cause the grass become discolored. Generally speaking, the roots will not be damaged and the grass will come back over time.
It is helpful to saturate the ground around the stone with water prior to applying D/2 Biological Solution. In most situations, this will prevent any damage from occurring at all.
As a side note, if you are seeing damage to the grass you may be using more cleaner than is necessary. Often times we have found that people are simply using too much!

Gravestone Restoration

Do I need permission before working in a cemetery?

Yes! Permission should be requested in advance of performing any cemetery preservation work. Depending on the location of the cemetery this may include many different situations. Cemeteries that have staff on the sight should be notified in advance of work being performed. If a cemetery is maintained by the town then there will be a contact number available for you to reach. 

Abandoned cemeteries represent a unique situation where there is no one simple answer. It would be wise to contact the local historic society, or funeral directors in the region may have information to help determine if there is any stewardship of the site. 

Do I need permission to work on my family's plot?

This all depends on the location of the specific cemetery, and the regulations that are applicable. Generally speaking, cleaning and working on your own family or relative's gravestones should always be allowed.

What is the best product for gravestone cleaning?

D/2 Biological Solution is the most effective gravestone cleaner for the removal of biological growth 

Can I seal a stone to protect it?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions.

Conventional wisdom would dictate that when a stone is sealed then it would be protected from weathering and the elements of nature. However, monuments, gravestones, and historic masonry must be able to both absorb and expel vapor or else moisture will be trapped within the stone which can lead to deterioration, which will cause more harm than good.

Instead of sealing stone, there are some beneficial treatments that will help protect, preserve, and strengthen stone that do not trap moisture. These include breathable water repellents and consolidation treatments.


Consolidation Treatments

How can I reset a fallen monument?

Cemetery monuments are very heavy, due to stone weighing at least 150 pounds per cubic foot. Great care should be taken not to harm the monument, and most importantly that no injuries occur to the personnel performing the repairs. 

Because there is so much nuance with this subject matter, it would be wise to consult a professional and/or attend a workshop or training seminar before undertaking a cemetery preservation project.

For more info, check out and a video produced by Millennial Stone Cleaner on YouTube!


If you're ready to perform this task, these are the most commonly used materials:

How can I probe for sunken stones or vaults?

There are many situations that occur when we cannot be sure what is located under ground. There are some high tech procedures such as ground penetrating radar which can be employed, but they are time consuming and expensive. 

With a simple probe a great deal can determined about underground features; including sunken stones, burial vaults, and other underground anomalies. By successively probing in a sequential pattern it can often be determined where there are underground abnormalities that may indicate hidden gravestones or foundations. However, rock terrain, tree roots, and hard clay soil can make this process difficult. 

Steel Probes

Is Monument Setting Compound premixed and ready to use?

Yes, all the monument setting compound that we have is ready to use. 

An old headstone that was pinned is starting to crack. Any tips on preservation?

Ferrous metal pins expand and rust in most situations, and will crack the stone. Sometimes, if they keep expanding, they actually fracture off a piece at the bottom of the headstone which is quite typical.
In many situations the stones are stuck together from the expansion, therefore they would need to be aggressively pulled apart which will usually worsen in the crack or break pieces off. Most likely the best option in this situation would be to first clean the stone and then fill in the cracks to help strengthen it and hopefully the metal inside may have reached terminal expansion and will not cause any further cracking.
The Akemi Akepox 5010 + Fine Marble Sand would be a good option or the Marble Composite Patching Material would be another alternative option.

*Question and image submitted by Dustin*

Epoxy & Adhesives

Which epoxy should I use to join or repair a broken stone?

There are a few different options depending on the specific situation. A knife-grade epoxy is preferable over a flow-able liquid.

One of the biggest variables between epoxies is how thick they are which will effect their performance when joining broken stones. The Akepox 2010 is the thinnest of the knife-grade epoxies, the Akepox 2030 is thicker, and Akepox 2040 is the thickest with the most fillers in it allowing it to span gaps and is better suited for highly eroded stone.

Akepox 5010 is the most popular and widely used epoxy. This epoxy is clear, food-safe, and UV stable meaning it will not discolor over time. This epoxy can also be pigmented with the Akepox Colorants in order to achieve a color consistent with the stone you're working on.

Knife-Grade Epoxy

How do I open a can of Akepox Epoxy?

Without the proper tool it can be a bit tricky to open a new can of epoxy. It is best to use a very thin tool such as a margin trowel. Gently push the trowel between the can and lid then slowly ease it all the way around working the lid open. 

Click here to view a video on opening and mixing Akepox Epoxy!

What is the best way to mix Akepox Epoxy?

Akepox epoxies are sold by weight, not by volume. All Akepox epoxies are consistent with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio.

In a laboratory setting or indoor environment the epoxy can be weighed to exact proportions, however working in an outdoor environment we have found that it can easily be proportioned and mixed with plastic spoons and paper plates. This simple mixing procedure will save you time and money.

Mixing Epoxy

It is recommended to always wear protective gloves when handling and mixing epoxy to avoid skin contact.

Workshops & Training

Where can I find info on workshops and training?

There is a calendar in our Events Page where you can see Jon's schedule. The events listed here include 48 State Tour workshops. These are hosted by Jon and local cemeteries/organizations.

48 State Tour workshops are completely free to the public!

How can I schedule a workshop near me?

Please contact us with your name, cemetery name & address, and details on what you need! We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss details  |  (860)426-3111  |  (860)558-2785

Do you perform private jobs?

Yes. Jon can travel to specific locations for private jobs. He has the capability to work in a cemetery, singlehandedly to fix a number of stones. Please contact us if your are interested in a private job.  |  (860)426-3111  |  (860)558-2785 

Do you have instructional videos available?

We are currently working on these! Stay tuned for email updates and subscribe to us on YouTube.