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Take 10% off your first order with us using code ATLAS + FREE reusable totes w/ orders $100+

Akepox 5010 Knifegrade

by Akemi

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$88.50 - $238.50
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Size: 450 Gram Tubes

Akemi Akepox 5010 Knifegrade - 450 Grams or 2.25 KG

Gel-like, 2-component construction adhesive, color resistant, only slight tendency to dis-color, ideal for coloring.

For face joints indoors and outdoors-particularly where they are visible. For quadratures and restoration work in contact with mortar, ideal for white natural and artificial stone.

Product Details

  • Clear + UV stable
  • Very neutral color w/ no yellowing
  • Because of its gel like consistency it has a high creep strength
  • During hardening there is very little shrinkage, and therefore minimal tension within the adhesive joint
  • The bonding are very weather resistant
  • It can be excellently colored with Akepox Colorant
  • *Atlas Pro Tip* Blend Akepox 5010 with Fine Marble Sand when repairing marble to give a seamless finish*

Mixing ratio 2:1

Safety Data Sheet Part A     Safety Data Sheet Part B     Technical Data Sheet

Questions & Answers

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  • Need product to safely repair historic marble tablet gravemarkers.

    The Akepox 5010 is the most popular and preferred epoxy for repairing historic tablet gravestones. It is clear and UV stable and will never yellow. It is also extremely strong.

  • What is the shelf life of this epoxy unopened and then when opened?

    Unopened this will last at least 2 years with proper storage. After opened it's best to be used within 1 year.

  • Hi Looking for an adhesive to repair old slate headstones...................... What products do you have and/or recommend

    Akepox 5010 is the best epoxy for this application.

  • This material can use for Italian marble joint filling

    Yes, this product is excellent for this application. Akepox 5010 is clear, food-safe, and can be pigmented with the Akemi Colorants.

  • Hi. What are the minimum and maximum temperatures for usage when repairing gravestones?

    You generally want to use Akepox 5010 at temps 50°F and above, and at temps 100°F and below.

  • What would you recommend for repairing a slate headstone, that if you look at it from the side it is split right down the middle completely through, almost it’s entire height?

    The Akepox 5010 is what you want! You can repair the break and then, if possible, mix some epoxy with crushed slate dust to use as infill. If not 5010, Akepox 2010 is your next best bet.