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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Betonamit - Explosion-Free Demolition Agent

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Size: 5kg bag

Betonamit - Explosion-Free Demolition Agent

BETONAMIT® is an explosion-free demolition agent which enables a safe and tremor-free breaking up of rock, stone and concrete without the need for special preconditions or infrastructure.

BETONAMIT® has a very good shelf life of at least 3 years and can be sent by parcel without problem. After a reaction time of just a few hours, BETONAMIT® develops a huge expansion pressure which soon becomes so high that it splits apart every hard rock and also ferroconcrete.

Compared to conventional blasting methods, BETONAMIT® works practically noiselessly, tremor-free and without producing flying fragments.

Instructions for Use: (click link below for more info!)

For the first step, holes are bored with a diameter of 1¼”-1½” (30-40 mm). The optimal borehole spacing is approximately 10 times the diameter of the borehole, thus 30-40 cm. The boreholes must be as clean and dry as possible. Now add BETONAMIT® powder to the mixing container. Then add 1.0 to max.1.2 litres (per 5 kilograms) of cold and clean water and mix with a stirring device until a flowable homogeneous mixture is available. Pour the mixture directly into the boreholes from the mixing container. The total processing time should not exceed 5 minutes. An additional mechanical closure is not required. For special applications of BETONAMIT® with borehole diameters of more than 40mm it is necessary to consult the manufacturer.


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