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Go BIG Father's Day Sale! Take 12% off orders $250+ and FREE tee's w/ orders $150+


Atlas Preservation Inc.

Quality Products

Atlas provides the highest quality products on the market for restoration, conservation and construction trades. We offer a wide range of established American made tools and materials. Additionally, we seek out and import numerous specialized international products. 

Family Owned & Operated

Atlas Preservation was founded in 2016 by Jonathan, Aaron, Joshua & Courtney. Based in Southington Connecticut with an initial mission to amalgamate everything needed for monument and gravestone restoration under one roof. From there we have expanded into many related fields.


Since Jonathan Appell was a child he always had a high mechanical aptitude to build and repair. From bicycles to cars, violin making, cabinets, building construction trades, and eventually monument installation in 1986. Throughout the 1990's Jon ran a cemetery contracting company that performed excavation, monument installation, foundations, & restoration.

Working in and around some of the oldest graveyards in America Jon became interested in helping preserve the historic stones. Since the late 90's he sought out specialized knowledge and training to enhance his ability to conserve the older and more fragile gravestones.

Currently Jon performs specialized projects and also conducts workshops nationally in collaboration with towns, states, historical societies & cemeteries.