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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us! 🌺 FREE 48StateTour reusable totes w/ orders $100+
Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us! 🌺 FREE 48StateTour reusable totes w/ orders $100+

Marble Composite Patching Material

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$16.50 - $39.50
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Size: 1 Quart

Composite infill/patching material. Ready to use, mix with water only.

Made with Otterbein NHL 5.0 blended with fine marble aggregate. 

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  • What is the exact composition of this compound? Any Portland cement in the mix?

    This material is made of NHL 5.0 + Fine Marble Aggregate. No portland cement.

  • What pigment would you use to match the stone color?

    Solomon colors has 20 different colors in stock. Pigment can be added up to 5% of the mix.

  • I would like to fill-in gaps in a cracked marble ledger (cemetery monument) after I have reattached the broken pieces with an epoxy. Is the Otterbein Marble Composite Patching Material the most appropriate product for this application? Thank you.

    Yes, it will work well in that application. However, it will be extremely white so you may want to pigment it to match the stone.

  • What pigment would you recommend on a marble headstone

    It depends on what you're doing! We recommend using Akepox 5010 to repair snapped tablet stone breaks and you can fill the outer edge of the repair with Akepox 5010 + Fine Marble Sand. You can use Marble Composite Patching to fill a larger void along with Historic Pointing Mortar (moderate strength fine). The products using the marble sand are ideal because your repair will blend well with the rest of the stone, especially after cleaning.

  • Is this material structurally strong or is it just for patching & filling?

    Marble Composite Patching Material has some strength to it, but is mostly used for patching and filling. You can use Historic Pointing Mortar for structural repairs, and cap the outer edges with the marble composite patching!

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