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$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)
$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)
All New Damaged Products Section

All New Damaged Products Section

Shop Damaged Products here!

Things happen! In shipping, transit, transfer, unloading, restocking, labeling, or open box. We accumulate collections of great products that have gone through unfortunate situations. The product inside may be fine, even if the packaging is not. We are now offering damaged products at discounted rates!

Each damaged product listing is unique and will display photos of the actual product in question. The listing will contain an item number and brief description of what is wrong. Some examples of damaged items include:

  • Misshapen package - If an item has been dropped, crushed in transit, returned, or thrown around the packaging can become damaged. Typically, this does not cause any cracking or leaking of the contents inside.
  • Returns - Sometimes when items are returned, it is because the buyer did not like the item or the item may not have worked for the intended application. If a small amount of product was used, but otherwise the container is full we would hate for good product to go to waste!
  • Mislabel - If the label of an item has become removed or unreadable. If the contents of another product leaked onto and smeared the label. 

If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us

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