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Hultafors Tools

Hultafors Tools

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Hultafors is a leading brand offering reliable hand tools designed for discerning craftsmen around the world. For over 130 years we have been developing innovative tools to rely on, in every situation.

"Ask any professional user of tools you like. They'll tell you – If you want the real deal, it has to be Hultafors."

Hultafors in figures

  • We make about 13 700 000 meters of folding rules every year, equal to the distance between our factory in Hultafors and Australia.

  • It takes between 40–60 strikes to complete one axe by hand in the forge at Hults Bruk.

  • Our 109 models of wrecking bars are made of the same quality steel used for the teeth on a digging bucket.

  • Our MST 180 has a tolerance of 1 mm per meter and is by that 10 times more sensitive than other spirit levels on the market.

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