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$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)
$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)


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Bringing Color into Your Life

MIXOL is one of Europe's leading brands of multi-purpose tinting concentrates and over the last 45 years has proven itself as a reliable partner to individual craftsmen and the colour tone industry.

Mixol is a universal colorant offering the highest quality of tinting! A high concentration of pigment packed into each bottle and a variety of sophisticated colors, Mixol is your one stop shop to add into:
•Water-based coatings
•and many more!
Mixol has the unique property of dissolving into water, oil and solvent based matrices, as well as the ability to create virtually any color desired! Most colors available in 20ml and White, Black & Oxide Brown available in 200ml units!
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