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Go BIG Father's Day Sale! Take 12% off orders $250+ and FREE tee's w/ orders $150+
Ottosson Färgmakeri - Linseed Oil & Linseed Oil Paint

Ottosson Färgmakeri - Linseed Oil & Linseed Oil Paint

"Industrial craftsmanship. Our production line extends almost the length of our factory, from production of the paint until it is ready to be sold."

Ottosson Färgmakeri is the leading manufacturer of Linseed Oil and Linseed Oil based paint, soap, wax and varnish. Based in Sweden, Ottosson creates only the most reliable and highest quality products.

Ottosson Linseed Oil is made using pressed flax seeds grown at one Sweden's largest flax seed growers! These flax seeds contain a specifically high concentration of linolenic and linoleic acid in comparison to other flax seeds on the market. This helps the oil to form a strong film which also provides a stronger surface when painting. Linseed Oil is available in two types - raw and boiled. 

  • Raw Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil is made by pressing flax seeds and allowing to age for a minimum of 6 months so that any impurity or waste settles out. The oil is decanted off (leaving the impurities behind) and is left in its most pure and natural form. Raw Linseed Oil is slow drying (can take up to a week) and was historically used as a finish for wood and is known to be great for preserving wood and stone. Nowadays, the long drying time greatly impacts its practical use. Although this is true, it is common to apply raw linseed oil to a surface before painting.
  • Boiled Linseed Oil is simply the 6 month aged Raw Linseed Oil heated to about 140 degrees centigrade for about a week. This removes any impurity and changes the drying time from a week to just a couple of days. This makes boiled linseed oil a much more appealing option for projects. Some companies add synthetic additives to improve durability and drying time, taking away from its natural and non toxic appeal. Ottosson Boiled Linseed Oil Paint contains no additives. Boiled linseed oil is typically used on interior wood such as furniture, cabinets, doors and windows. The oil can also be used on outdoor surfaces such as terracotta and stone. Boiled linseed oil is a monumental ingredient in linseed oil paint and contributes to its strength and durability. 

Linseed Oil Paint: There is a craft to manufacturing linseed oil paint in the balance between the linseed oil and the pigment. Ottosson understands that each pigment has unique properties and is dedicated to perfecting the linseed oil - pigment interaction.

Linseed Oil Paint is great for indoor and outdoor use on a variety of surfaces. The paint is penetrating, meaning your material will become saturated with the paint allowing for twice as much coverage compared with your average modern paint. Color customizable, long lasting, solvent free, and non toxic, you can feel good about working with and applying to your home! We carry 20 pigments, 19 of which can be combined with White Titanium Zinc to create any color or shade desired. (Make sure you note down your recipe in case of a need for touch ups in the future!) 

Your linseed oil painted surface will never peel, chip, or trap moisture prolonging the life of the wood underneath. No more scraping that ugly chipped paint. Instead, over time, the paint will naturally begin to fade, at which point you can maintain with Linseed Oil or Linseed Oil Wax.

Linseed Oil Soap is a multi-use, cleansing. and rehydrating option to your typical soaps and detergents. It is all natural, non toxic and skin friendly. Can be used as a general cleaner, laundry detergent, hand soap, floor cleaner, re-grease leather & rubber, brush cleaner, etc.

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