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Limestone Industries of the Yorkshire Dales - David Johnson 2nd Edition

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Limestone has been one of the most indispensable building materials in Britain since the Roman period, when it was widely used for mortar. It was in the medieval era that lime began to be used in farming, alongside marl, as a means of increasing the output of both arable crops and livestock. The impact of limestone extraction in the Yorkshire Dales, once one of the most productive quarrying areas in Britain, has been huge. The area has thrown up many innovative entrepreneurs, and limestone quarries are an integral feature of today's dalescape. The quarries have important stories to tell, not least those of the generations of men who toiled in hostile conditions to build the country's economy. In Limestone Industries of the Yorkshire Dales, Dr David Johnson provides a detailed account of lime's myriad uses, and the historical and technological forces that led to each. Until relatively recently, lime was an ingredient, in one form or another, of almost every aspect of British life. This is the story of limestone quarrying and its processing into lime, and the impact it has had on one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. This revised edition of the book brings the story completely up to date and includes material and illustrations not previously available.


Dr David Johnson is a geographer and landscape archaeologist, based in the Yorkshire Dales, who specialises in vernacular uses of upland landscapes and has lectured and written on various aspects. Among his publications are Limestone Industries of the Yorkshire Dales, Quarrying in the Yorkshire Pennines, and An Improving Prospect? A History of Agricultural Change in Cumbria, all published by Amberley.

320 PAGES, 6.77 X 9.76
ISBN 9781445600604

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