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The Roman Pantheon: The Triumph of Concrete

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This book is a window showing Roman construction in all its glory and detail


For those in the scientific community who are interested in Roman concrete, Roman engineering, Roman construction practices or ancient concrete.

Revealed within the pages of this book is a clear description of the development and usage of concrete by the Romans in constructing the Pantheon and other still-existent structures, built around the time of Christ. The book contains architectural details, sections, pictures, and other features. The concrete dome of the Pantheon spans some 143 feet without the aid of metal reinforcement like modern buildings. The building even has unusual cracks and yet it still stands. The great painter Michelangelo offered one explanation: it is "angelic, and not of human design." Certainly most if not all of our modern buildings would not meet the harsh weathering of 1800 years that the Pantheon has endured and survive. This book answers many of the fundamental questions regarding the longevity of this beautiful structure and shows how modern concrete construction is just now learning to apply some of the same technologies used by the Romans.

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