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Hello June 🌼 Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!
Hello June 🌼 Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Historic Pointing Mortar - High Strength, Fine

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$12.50 - $58.50
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Size: 1 Gallon (12.5lbs)

Histocal® Traditional Masonry And Grouting Mortar MG IIa, Fine

Pre-Blended NHL based mortars - Just add water.

For applications and mortar joints less than 1/4 inch wide.

Technical Data
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25 kg

Water Consumption

approx. 4 l each bag


HISTOCAL® Historic Masonry and Grouting Mortar MG IIa (fine) consists of natural hydraulic lime NHL 5 acc. to EN 459-1, sulphateresistant cement acc. to DIN 1164 and grain-classified crushed lime sands.


• grading curve according to historic findings

• frost-proof

• high natural water retention properties

• very good side adhesion

• permeable

• low-tension hardening process


For laying bricks and grouting of historic masonry (e.g. natural stones, bricks)


The substrate must be dry, clean and free from loosely attached particles. Sufficiently wet absorbing masonry before.


To be mixed with all commonly used mortar mixers (continuous mixer, gravity mixer, blunger) and by hand. Watch for uniform and correct setting of consistency (well earth-moist to plastic).


Protect fresh mortar until sufficient hardening against premature drying-out through sun radiation and draft (e.g. hinge with jute sheets kept moist or spray with mist nozzles). The mortar must be protected against frost until sufficient hardening has been achieved!

Special notes

The air and surface temperature must be at least 5 ° C and maximum 25 ° C. HISTOCAL® Historic Masonry and Grouting Mortar MG IIa (fine) shall only be used in the original state without additives.


Dry, if possible on wooden shelves and protected against draft.

Technical data

Grain size: 0-1.2 mm

Solid mortar raw density: approx.1.65 kg/dm³

Compressive strength 28 days: approx. 8 N/mm²

Flexural strength 28 days: approx. 2.0 N/mm²

E-Module: approx. 7.5 kN/mm²

Safety instructions

Mortal will react very alkaline with water, thus: Protect skin and eyes, rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact, immediately contact doctor in case of eye contact.

Quality-monitored production

HISTOCAL® Historic Masonry and Grouting Mortar MG IIa (fine) is continuously tested in our plant laboratory with respect to the fulfilment of composition and properties. This will ensure a uniform quality of the product. HISTOCAL® Historic Masonry and Grouting Mortar MG IIa (fine) is certified acc. to EN 998-2.


Ask a Question
  • Which of the mortars would be best for resetting a tablet headstone into it's base.

    You want to use either Moderate Strength Fine or this one, High Stength Fine

  • Is this product premixed and just add water?

    Yes, this is mortar mixed with sand so you just have to add water before use

  • What color is the mortar?

    This mortar is off white. You can add pigment using Solomon Colors!