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Happy 4th! Take 10% off using code AMERICA

Good-Bye Stain

by Akemi

Ready-to-use | Rapidly effective | Slightly alkaline | Cleaning agent based on active chlorine compounds


For rapid and thorough removal of organic discolouring or stains caused by fruit- and vegetable juices, coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, leaves or blossoms, berries, blood, hair dye, felt-tip pens etc. on mineral surfaces such as marble, granite, concrete ashlar, quartz, ceramics.


Ask a Question
  • Hello, Can this product be used safely on Taj Mahal quartzite? I have a small faint reddish/pink stain. Thanks, Steve

    Yes, Good-Bye Stain can be used on this surface. When trying a cleaner for the first time, we always recommend applying to a small area to make sure no damage is done.