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Earn 2X Loyalty Points on ALL ORDERS!

Tar Oil 1 Liter


For treating wood externally where you do not intend to paint with paint. Use for the surface treatment of wooden shingle roofs, sills, jetties, boats, terrace floors, fence posts, etc.

This product contains a Dalbränd wood tar, cold-pressed raw linseed oil and balsamic turpentine.

Despite the tar oil's dark color in the packaging, it does not stain the wood dark. If you want a darker colour, you can add approx. 10% of a linseed oil colour.

Apply two thin layers on new, untreated wood. Allow to dry for at least 1-2 days between ironing. Tar oil that has not been absorbed after one hour is wiped off. The tar oil is broken down by the sun on the surface and should be maintained with an ironing in the range of 3-6 years depending on the exposed location. Suitable for sills, jetties, boats, terrace floors, fence posts etc. Best applied with a brush.

1 Liter



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