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$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)
$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)

Peel-Tek® Liquid Masking & Peel-able Protective Surface Coating

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$27.50 - $78.50
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Size: Quart

Removable Liquid Mask for porous & non-porous surfaces. Apply, let dry, and peel away. Temporary protective surface coating.

Peel-Tek® Liquid Masking & Peel-able Protective Surface Coating fills the gap in the masking industry as the only liquid masking product on the market that is effective in masking hard to mask, rough, porous surfaces.  Peel-Tek® prevents costly clean up during and upon completion of construction, peels away cleanly and can be used as an aide in protecting heavy traffic areas and sensitive surfaces against staining and abrasion and is the ideal companion to masking paper, plastic or other masking mediums.

Following is a sample of some of the surfaces Peel-Tek® Liquid Masking protects:

  • Wood (treated and non-treated, porous and non-porous)
  • Porcelain
  • Granite/Marble/Quartz
  • Ceramic/Travertine Tile
  • Cement/Mortar/Stucco/Brick
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Metal

    Product Details

    • Non-toxic
    • Eco-friendly
    • Acid-free

    Apply with a paintbrush or roller to the surface needing protection or masking. Additional coats may be needed depending on the surface porosity to ensure easy removal. Peel-Tek 150 must be fully cured before it's effective as a protective film. To create a non-sticky surface after Peel-Tek 150 is cured, dust with baby powder or talc.

    Once protection is no longer needed, simply rub an area of Peel-Tek 150 until lifting occurs and peel off.

    Peel-Tek 150 is water soluble. Dispose of according to state, local, and federal regulations.

        Note: Peel-Tek products are latex based and not meant for use on fabrics or carpets.

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