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Use code "BLACKFRIDAY" for 10% off your entire order! This offer ends 12/5
Use code "BLACKFRIDAY" for 10% off your entire order! This offer ends 12/5

Akepox 5010 Knifegrade (450 Grams or 2.25 KG)

by Akemi

Gel-like, 2-component construction adhesive, color resistant, only slight tendency to dis-color, ideal for coloring.

For face joints indoors and outdoors-particularly where they are visible. For quadratures and restoration work in contact with mortar, ideal for white natural and artificial stone.

Mixing ratio 2:1

Safety Data Sheet Part A     Safety Data Sheet Part B     Technical Data Sheet


Ask a Question
  • What is the shelf life of this epoxy unopened and then when opened?

    Unopened this will last at least 2 years with proper storage. After opened it's best to be used within 1 year.

  • I am placing an order. 1 item is out of stock. I was told to order it anyway since it will be coming in any time. Your System will not let me add it to my cart. Advise please? Thank you (Akepox 5010 knifegrade 2.25 Kilo $123.10)

    The product was just put back in stock. We should have it within a week and will ship it out ASAP.

  • Hi Looking for an adhesive to repair old slate headstones...................... What products do you have and/or recommend

    Akepox 5010 is the best epoxy for this application.

  • This material can use for Italian marble joint filling

    Yes, this product is excellent for this application. Akepox 5010 is clear, food-safe, and can be pigmented with the Akemi Colorants.