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Happy 4th! Take 10% off using code AMERICA
Happy 4th! Take 10% off using code AMERICA

PC-ROT TERMINATOR - Epoxy Rotted Wood Hardener for structural damage repair


PC-Rot Terminator® Epoxy Rotted Wood Hardener is for wood that has structural damage caused by insects or rot. The mixture of resin and hardener produces a low viscosity liquid that penetrates the distressed wood and cures hard. It is slow curing, allowing time for the liquid to deeply penetrate the wood. It has zero solvents or volatiles.

Here are just a few specific uses (there are hundreds of other uses):

  • Repair deck posts, boards and joists for home or rental property
  • Harden wooden column or post damaged by rot
  • Repair roof beams and rafters
  • Repair damaged bathroom floor from leaking toilet for home or apartment
  • Prevent and remediate salt kill damage to exterior wood
  • Repair and preserve outdoor benches and tables

Safety Data Sheet

Front Data Sheet

Back Data Sheet


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