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1200°F Hi-Temp Spray Paint - Flat Black

by Rutland
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RUTLAND 1200ºF Hi-Temp Spray Paint provides both a beautiful flat black finish as well as durability to any stove or grill, and will look great for years while keeping rust at bay. This quality paint adheres to steel, cast iron, aluminum, and brick, and is great for grills, stoves, smokers, stove pipes, fireplace inserts, furnaces, barbecues, mailboxes, lampposts, fireplace tools, brass, firebrick, and chimney caps.

  • 12 oz Spray Can
  • Flat Black
  • No primer needed
  • 1 year UV resistance after application
  • Fast drying and color-fast
  • Non-toxic when dry
  • Weather- and heat-resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Heat cure is not required, but best results are obtained after heat curing
  • Can be used to paint the inside of a masonry firebox
  • Not for direct food contact
  • Made in the USA


Wear appropriate eye, hand, and respiratory protection. Do not expose can to extreme heat or cold. Allow can to warm to room temperature before using. Do not apply in high heat or humidity.

1. USE ON COOL SURFACES ONLY (min. 50°F). Fire must be completely out!
2. PREP SURFACE. Remove all loose, scaly material and sand rusty spots with fine sandpaper. Remove any polish or wax with lacquer thinner. MASK OR PROTECT SURFACES YOU DO NOT WANT PAINTED. If practical, move item to be painted to a shaded outdoor location downwind and away from any objects of value to eliminate overspray issues.
3. SHAKE CAN VIGOROUSLY for one minute after metal agitator is heard. Repeat for 10 seconds for each minute of spraying.
4. REQUIRED: Hold can no closer than 10-12 inches from work surface. When spraying, open and shut valve completely with tip of finger. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COVER WITH ONE COAT. Move can rapidly back and forth, releasing nozzle at the end of each stroke. Use short dusting strokes, allowing paint to become tacky between coats.
5. To prevent clogging nozzle, after each use, turn can upside down and spray until only clear gas is emitted. Wipe clean.
6. For best results, allow paint to air-dry for 24 hours, then heat cure to 500°F. Be sure all paint is dry before re-firing. Provide ventilation when firing for the first time after painting. Some smoke and odors are given off during this process.

Note: Painted surface must not come in direct contact with food.

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