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Earn 2X Loyalty Points on ALL ORDERS!
Earn 2X Loyalty Points on ALL ORDERS!

8" Hardwood Fender Brush - Tampico


Filling material is staple set in a wax tumbled 8" x 3" hardwood block with hang up hole in handle.

Block Size: 8"
Trim Length: 2"
Block Type: Wood
White Tampico
Item#: 41


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  • Which Magnolia brush is good for cleaning grave stones?

    Most of them should be good for cleaning gravestones. However some are slightly more abrasive than others.  The natural tampico fibers are the softest, making them the best choice on more delicate stones. Tampifil is a synthetic bristle made by Magnolia Brush which is more durable and easier to clean, however is slightly more abrasive than the natural fibers.