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Mandarin Magic 100% Citrus Solvent - 1 Gallon



Average Use Dilution: 4 - 8 ounces per gallon

Mandarin Magic is basically undiluted citrus solvent as extracted from the skin of citrus fruit, then emulsified so that it can be diluted with water as needed. In its emulsified form it is easily mixed with water for use as a safer, more efficient substitute for a multitude of jobs that previously required standard or chlorinated petroleum solvents to do a job.


  • Emulsified Citrus Solvent: Mandarin Magic contains no petroleum solvents but is emulsified d-limonene citrus solvent with its magic appeal of dissolving grease and oil.
  • Deodorizes: Removes the source of foul odors and emits a pleasant citrus fragrance that erases any foul odors in the air.
  • Fast Acting: Mandarin Magic’s high content of citrus solvent removes soil and stains that typical cleaner/degreasers won’t touch.
  • Multi-Purpose: Mandarin Magic has great versatility in use because it is a solvent that can be mixed with water for individual jobs.


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