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$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)
$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)

A great epoxy product line for outdoor applications, Akepox provides various  options in viscosity, commonly called thickness, delivery methods and size options. Most epoxies are designed to be structural and not be seen as they will tend to yellow from sunlight. The 5000's Akepox epoxy are UV stable and will remain 99% clear and can also be pigmented, which works best with the Akemi pigments sold as a set.

By far the most cost effective packaging to the consumer is found in the 2 piece sets of medium sized metal containers. They are sold by weight with the larger of the 2 canisters being twice the weight of the smaller container, in each 2 piece set.

The majority of the Akemi- Akepox Epoxies that Atlas Preservation sells are considered to be knife grade epoxy. This means they have the consistency that allows them to generally be applied with a knife or spatula hand tool. (ASTM C 717-07a)

 Atlas Preservation also stocks liquid and penetrating epoxies that will be discussed later in this product selection guide.

All epoxies are effected by temperature in two major ways, thickness and curing time. The higher the temperature the thinner the epoxy becomes. The higher the temperature the faster it will harden, referred to as curing time. The higher the air circulation rate the faster the curing time in many situations.

The temperature must be above freezing for curing to take place. As long as the epoxy does not freeze it will eventually cure, but in 40 degree f weather is will take a long time,  up to 12- 24 hours. In warm weather above 85f it will be very fast, sometimes within 20 minutes.

In lower temperatures above freezing the epoxies will become very stiff and hard to mix. I advice storing them indoors and when traveling I bring my epoxy box into the motel overnight. High temperature can also be a problem. If in direct sun and above about 90f all epoxies will become much thinner.

Knife-Grade Epoxies

Akemi Akepox 2010: A great all purpose epoxy. This is considered to be a knife grade however, on the thinner end of the knife grade range. It can be pigmented with darker colors, but it will yellow in UV. Good in colder weather. It will tend to liquefy in very hot weather.. Good for joining fractured stones. About the thickness of mayonnaise at room temperature

Akemi Akepox 2010 - 450 Grams
Akemi Akepox 2010 - 2.25 Kilograms

Akemi Akepox 2030: Also a great all purpose epoxy. Thicker then the Akepox 2010. Better able to bridge gaps in eroded or uneven areas being joined. It will become difficult to mix when below 45f, but it will perform better it hot weather then the Akepox 2010. Ideal of joining monumental elements like headstones to bases in conjunction with a monument setting compound. Also excellent of joining fractured stones. About the thickness of honey at room temperature.

Akemi Akepox 2030 - 3 Kilograms

Akemi Akepox 2040: This is the thickest of the 3 basic knife grades in the Akepox line. Able to fill large voids and bridge larger gaps then the Akepox 2013. Nearly impossible to mix in low temperatures. Also it will be barely adhere to surfaces when in the lower ranges near freezing. The best option is very hot weather. Great for joining monumental elements like headstone to bases in moderate to very hot weather. About the thickness of a heavy peanut butter at room temperature.

Akemi Akepox 2040 - 750 Grams
Akemi Akepox 2040 - 3.75 Kilograms

Akemi Akepox 5010: The same texture as the Akepox 2010, however perfectly clear and UV stable. Considered the premier Akepox Epoxy due its ability to be pigmented and color stability when in direct sunlight. Best of pigment with Akemi Akepox pigment kit. Good in colder weather. It will tend to liquefy in very hot weather.. Good for joining fractured stones. Best if visible as it will not yellow. About the thickness of mayonnaise at room temperature.

Akemi Akepox 5010 - 2.25 Kilograms

Flowing Epoxy

Akemi Akepox 5000: This is a clear liquid two-part epoxy which is flowing and good for adding pigment for coloring. This is also a UV stable epoxy which will not discolor in direct sunlight. It can be used for filling small voids and cracks which are too narrow for a knife-grade epoxy. Also well suited for inlay, embedding and reinforcing work.

Akemi Akepox 5000 - 1.5 Kilograms