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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us! 💥 FREE 48StateTour reusable totes w/ orders $150+
Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us! 💥 FREE 48StateTour reusable totes w/ orders $150+

Aluminum Tripod Adjustable Height

Original price $2,195.00 - Original price $4,250.00
Original price
$2,195.00 - $4,250.00
Current price $2,395.00
Maximum Capacity: 1 Ton R3-282

The 1 Ton R3-282 is the most popular for cemetery work.

You can buy the R3-282 directly through our website. Contact us for a shipping quote on all other Tripod models.

Wallace Cranes offers portable aluminum adjustable tripods in 1-5 ton capacities. These lightweight models are easily transportable and can be assembled/disassembled quickly making them an ideal choice for repair and maintenance jobs located off-site.
All units include a standard base with lashing cable to prevent overspreading of legs.
Rubber Base Pad Kits, Mud Base Plate Kits, and Spike Base Kits are optional accessories available for every model.
  • Aluminum Construction
    • Sturdy lightweight construction for quick set-up and take-down
    • Easily transportable
  • Available in 1 to 5 Ton Capacities
  • Adjustable heights available from 5’6″ – 19’0″
  • Machined alloy heads holds free swiveling eye-bolt which always hangs plumb
  • Spring loaded bolt (adjustable models only) locks in “out” position
  • Legs rest securely on standard base – optional base accessories available for different surfaces
  • Lashing kit provides an extra precaution against slipping and can be used with all base accessories

Adjustable Height Aluminum Tripod PDF

Crane Sizes and Model Numbers

Rated Capacity Model Number Height – Eye Bolt to Floor Overall Length Distance Between Legs Net Wt. Spike Base Model Number
Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min.
1 Ton R3-282 10’10” 7’1″  12’9″ 8’9″ 111″ 63″ 79 676
H3-2142 19’0″ 12’9″ 21’9″ 14’9″ 192″ 108″ 216 1514
2 Ton H3-4122 16’4″ 11’0″ 18’9″ 12’9″ 165″ 93″ 174 1514
3 Ton R3-642 5’6″ 3’8″ 6’9″ 4’9″ 57″ 33″ 57 676
R3-662 8’2″ 5’6″ 9’9″ 6’9″ 84″ 48″ 70 676
4 Ton H3-8102 12″11″ 8’5″ 15’9″ 10’9″ 138″ 78″ 156 1514
5 Ton H3-1062 7’6″ 4’11” 9’9″ 6’9″ 84″ 48″ 111 1514
H3-1082 10’3″ 6’8″ 12’9″ 8’9″ 111″ 63″ 124 1514

Note: Rated capacity is in thousands of pounds.

*note that Atlas Loyalty Points are not earned on tripods and discount codes cannot be used on tripods. If a discount code is used, we will contact you!*

Questions & Answers

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  • I am wondering how high the tripod must be to make driving under the tripod possible with a truck or trailer? Thank you!

    It all depends on what you're driving. The width and height of the vehicle will determine how you will need to configure the tripod in order to get under it!

  • I would like a shipping quote on the one ton R3-282 aluminum tripod to 1775 Howard Hill Rd in Benson,VT 05743 thanks

    Please email for quotes.

  • On the RS-282, what would be the overall length for transport?

    Overall length for transport is 9 feet

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Shawn N
Excellent Tripod

Having been using this for a second year now and it performs exactly as expected. We purchased the 1 Ton model mostly out of concern of size of tripod and ease of moving it around solo in a tight cemetery. It has met expectations and we have used it to life some pretty hefty modern granite die-on-base granite markers in addition to the more typical historic marble markers. It is pricey, but it gives me piece of mind that it wont fail relative to a home made one, and I can leave it up in weather without concern over deterioration as well. Quality seems good, I would expect this to last a long long time. Would definitely recommend.