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Happy 4th! Take 10% off using code AMERICA

100 Envirestore


Perfect for the environmentally conscious architect and historic preservationist who want to eliminate harsh acids.

  • Citric based gentle restoration cleaner – safer, environmentally friendly, now made more effective and blended slightly stronger to take on a wider variety of surfaces
  • ENVIRESTORE 100™ depends on the action of citric and phosphoric acid for its results rather than harsh mineral acids, making it a milder product that poses fewer hazards to workers and the environment
  • The product will not over-clean brick and stone
  • Product is ideal for maintenance cleaning of dirt streaks and stains in strip malls, commercial centers, and home DIY use.

Brick, Sandstone, Unpolished Granite, and Terra Ccotta


    • Apply at dilution rate up to 3 parts water to 1 part ENVIRESTORE 100™ to a prewetted surface with a dense, soft masonry brush, roll, or low pressure (40-50 psi) airless sprayer.
    • Allow to dwell for 3 minutes.
    • Rinse with a pressure washer.
    • Further applications may be required to achieve desired results.
    • Suggested Dilution Rates for ENVIRESTORE 100™
Project Materials/Condition Dilution Rate is
1 Part Product To:
Brick, Sandstone, Unpolished Granite, and Terra Cotta (lightly soilded) 3 parts water
  • Download the Technical Data Sheet for this product for detailed instructions
  • Typical Coverage Rates: 150-200 sq. ft. per gal.

        Technical Data Sheet

        Safety Data Sheet


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