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Use code GIFT for $10 off $90. FREE Atlas Gear w/ Orders $250+ and Gift Cards $100+

101 Masonry Restorer Super Concentrate

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Diedrich 101 Masonry Restorer combines acids and a biodegradable detergent into a powerful cleaner for masonry surfaces. This formulated carbon solubilizing cleaner penetrates, dissolves and suspends grime for easy removal by flushing the treated areas with a high pressure stream of water.

  • Removes all airborne dirt, atmospheric carbon, rust, mildew, algae, fungus, exhaust residue, industrial pollutants, weathering discoloration, fire and smoke damage, and most other stains
  • NOTES:
    • Do NOT use 101 on Indiana Limestone, use 707X Limestone Cleaner Pre-Rinse or 808X Black Encrustation Remover along with 707N Limestone Neutralizer After-Rinse
    • Some materials may yellow or develop "rust" discoloration when cleaned with 101 (granite, face brick, glazed tile, and terra cotta), for these situations use 101G Granite, Terra Cotta and Brick Restoration Cleaner

*For Professional Contractor Use Only.

For use with: Rough and smooth surfaces of brick, sandstone, fieldstone, stucco, swimming pools, clay tiles, asbestos and slate shingles

Masonry Restorer Super Concentrate Application

    • Pre-wet surface with water.
    • Apply diluted 101 with a dense, soft masonry brush, roller, or low pressure (40-50 psi) airless sprayer.
    • Allow dwell time of 2 to 5 minutes.
    • Rinse with high-pressure water.
    • Suggested Dilution Rates
      for 101 Masonry Restorer Super Concentrate
Project Materials/Condition Dilution Rate is
1 Part Product To:
Exposed Aggregate/Removal of Retarder, Efflorescence, etc. Up to 10 parts water, depending on degree of accumulated dirt and method of application and rinse
  • Download the Technical Data Sheet for this product for detailed instructions
  • Typical Coverage Rates: 150-200 sq. ft. per gal.

          Technical Data Sheet

          Safety Data Sheet


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