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Go BIG Father's Day Sale! Take 12% off orders $250+ and FREE tee's w/ orders $150+

202V Vana-Stop New Masonry

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Size: 1 Gallon

202V Vana-Stop New Masonry Cleaner is specifically formulated for cleaning new masonry susceptible to vanadium, manganese, molybdenum and other metallic stains. 202V Vana-Stop is a productive combination of organic and inorganic acids, wetting agents and inhibitors for use in the professional clean up of new masonry.

  • Efficiently cleans off residual mortar, efflorescence, job site soiling and staining.
  • Clean with this product to greatly reduce the likelihood of a staining occurrence and eliminate costly recleaning and stain removal expenses.
  • Does not discolor or damage surfaces, safer and more controllable than raw muriatic acid.

Soft burned white, gray or brown and all other brick, natural stone, tile, exposed aggregate and several varieties of new masonry construction susceptible to metallic staining - contact us for details.

Vana-Stop New Masonry Cleaner Application

    • Thoroughly prewet masonry to be cleaned
    • Apply diluted 202V with a dense, soft masonry brush or low pressure (40-50 psi) airless sprayer.
    • Suggested Dilution Rates
      for 202V Vana-Stop
Project Materials/Condition Dilution Rate is
1 Part Product To:
Black, White, Grey, Tan & Chocolate Faced Brick; Limestone; Unglazed Structural Tile; Precast & Exposed Aggregate 6 parts water
Colored Concrete Masonry Units 10-15 parts water
Sandstone, Ohio Bluestone, Other Porous Stone 8 parts water
Glazed Structural & Ceramic Tile, Ceramic Brick 10 parts water
Burnished Masonry Use Diedrich 222 Concrete Brick & Burnished Masonry Cleanser
  • Download the Technical Data Sheet for this product (right column) for detailed instructions
  • Typical Coverage Rates: 150-200 sq. ft. per gal.

    Technical Data Sheet

    Safety Data Sheet

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