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8" Plastic Fender Brush - Tampafil

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Magnolia Brush 8" Plastic Fender Brush - Tampafil

Filling material is staple set in a high-tensile strength foam plastic block. Will not absorb water. Recommended for use where sanitation is required.

Product Details

  • Block Size: 8"
  • Trim Length: 2"
  • Block Type: Foam Plastic
  • Tampafil (acid proof)

#76: Standard

Questions & Answers

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  • What is tampafil, as opposed to Tampico? Is tampafil a type of plastic?

    Tampico is a natural bristle which will become softer once wet. 
    The Poly bristles are a little more firm and will not change once wet.

  • Is there a situation where you would use a Tampico brush only and not use a Tampafil brush? Thank you.

    The tampico vs tampfil debate is really up to preference and application. Both of these brushes are considered 'soft bristle brushes' and can be used in a wide variety of applications. The tampafil brushes are synthetic and dry much more quickly, but may also be slightly more abrsavie. Tampico is a natural and very soft bristle and will retain more water, taking much longer to dry. I hope this helps!