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Annual Spring Sale 🌱 15% OFF! No code required

Akepox 2030 Knifegrade - 3 Kilograms

by Akemi
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$175.50 - $178.50
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Color: Standard (Gray-green)

Akemi Akepox 2030 Knifegrade - 3 Kilograms

Creamy, 2-component construction adhesive, after approx. 8-10 h (20°C) product is workable and prepared for heavy duty, polish-able, low shrinkage, weather-resistant, free of solvents.

Used for bonding in vertical positions in construction work. Very good adhesion on damp stone, aluminum and other metals as well as on natural and artificial stone.

Mixing ratio 2:1

Size: 3 Kilograms

Safety Data Sheet Part A     Safety Data Sheet Part B     Technical Data Sheet

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  • Is this 2 part epoxy in ivory supposed to be differing colors? Comp. A is green and comp. 2 is ivory.

    Yes, that is correct!

  • What is the shelf life for this product?

    Once the container is opened, shelf life is 1 year if stored in a cool dry place. If unopened, the shelf life can extend beyond 1 year.

  • How is this product different or better than 5010 ? I currently using 5010 for restoration of tablet markers and it seems to be working well, especially when I fill voids with 5010 blended with crushed marble. I saw 2030 referenced on a FB page so it caught my attention. thanks

    2030 is more viscous and will have better gap bridging ability.
    2030, however, is not UV stable like 5010 and will yellow over time. 2030 is recommended for applications where you will never see the epoxy.