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Memorial Day Sale! 10% off + FREE 48StateTour t-shirts w/ orders $150+ (no code required)
Memorial Day Sale! 10% off + FREE 48StateTour t-shirts w/ orders $150+ (no code required)

Akepox 5030 Knifegrade - 3 Kilograms

by Akemi
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Weather-resistant, creamy-stable 2-component construction adhesive, low tendency to yellow, ideal for colouring, excellent adhesion on metal, long working time, free of solvents.

Generalist among construction adhesives due to excellent adhesion on stone, ceramics, concrete and metal and at the same time a very low tendency to yellow. For bonding natural and artificial stone, ceramics, terrazzo and concrete with each other or with iron, steel or aluminum in the visual range. Very well suited for filling as well as for application in vertical areas; in addition quite uneven surfaces can be connected or anchoring of tiles or balustrades can be effected.

Mixing ratio 2:1

Color: Light beige

Size: 3 Kilograms

Safety Data Sheet Part A     Safety Data Sheet Part B    Technical Data Sheet

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  • I have been using Akepox 5030 epoxy, mainly on fractured 2” thick marble markers. For a clean fracture, usually horizontal, I use straight from the cans, on marker that is upright in the cemetery. For larger/wider fractures and voids, I usually add marble dust and/or pea rock to extend the product. White pigment is added to color match the repair. That work is done flat on a table. I am pleased with performance of 5030. You have a great selection of epoxy to choose from. Might there be one that is lower cost and/or clear in color? If 5030 is the best, then I'll stay with it. Jon, what your "go-to" epoxy, one you'd carry with at all times?

    For fractured stones we recommend using Akepox 5010 because it is clear and does not discolor from UV.
    Akemi also makes pigments designed for coloring their epoxies.