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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Alabaster Crystalline White

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Size: 3 Liter

Alabaster Crystalline White

Pure silicate paint

Crystallite is the pure silicate paint. It is a one-component white, matt, lime-like, water-based and odorless silicate paint. It works both outdoors and indoors and has the highest water vapor permeability. Crystallite replaces the 2-component silicate paints that must be mixed separately at and during use.

Crystallite is used for exterior and interior painting on plaster, concrete, serponite, fiber cement (eternite, minerite) or brick. The substrate must be mineral, absorbent and well-bonded.

Surfaces previously painted with silicate paint, lime or lime cement paint are preferably painted with Kristallat.

The crystal paint is completely open to the diffusion of water vapor or moisture. It is based on pure mineral pigments and water glass. Water glass is the binder in the silicate paint. Water glass does not form a film like organic binders do and is therefore completely open to diffusion.

  • 100% diffusion open
  • Completely free of organic binders
  • Naturally anti-mold
  • One component
  • Hydrophilic (water loving)
  • Especially matte

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