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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Alabaster Water Glass

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Size: 3 Liter

Alabaster Water Glass - Pretreatment

Water glass is used for strengthening and priming (before painting with silicate paint) plaster, concrete and other mineral surfaces. It is completely free of organic additives.

Water glass is an agent of pure liquid potassium silicate that chemically strengthens, hardens and protects mineral substrates against acid degradation. Prevents dust formation.

Also suitable for thinning Alabaster Silicate paints. With Vattenglas, you can reduce the absorbency of a strongly absorbent, mineral substrate.

Product Details

  • Pure water glass (Potassium silicate)

  • Hygroscopic
  • Forms hard structure that breathes
  • Seals concrete and binds loose substrates
  • Pretreatment for painting with Kristallat
  • Dilutes all Alabaster silicate paints

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