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Memorial Day Sale! ❤️💙 10% off most products (no code required)

American History Prints

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Collins Flags American History Print Posters


The United States of America is a country rich in history and heritage. The American history posters illustrate the more important points of that legacy in vivid color and full graphics. Perfect for classrooms, homes, or businesses, they make a great gift to someone or a gift to yourself!

These watercolor reproductions offer a classic feel and are the perfect gift that will be cherished by your favorite Patriot, Military Service person, Civil Servant, or history buff. With fun little tidbits of knowledge coupled with a chronological approach to the information, not to mention the full-color graphics to further drive home the point, these American history posters are a great visual celebration of our great nation.

The detailing and the extra bits of information really make them exceptional. For example, the police offer poster shows not only the uniforms of the different eras of the force, but also the different badges that were the norm during that time period for an even closer look at the topic. The topics covered are as diverse and interesting as America itself with options such as histories of baseballthe U.S. Navy, the Stars and Stripes, and more. You will also find the histories of people such as the American soldierfirefighter, and police officer to showcase the evolution of these roles over time in the landscape of our great nation.


The History of Old Glory - Learn about one of America’s most enduring icons, Old Glory. The 10 American flags represented are; The Pine Tree Flag, Grand Union Flag, Revolutionary “Betsy Ross” Flag, Grand Star Flag, Bennington Flag, 34 Star Flag, 50 Star Flag and the Gadsden Flag. The educational time-line includes a description of each flag, when each state joined the union, important facts and dates, as well as 5 patriotic water color images.

History of the American Soldier - Revel in the brave tradition of the American Soldier, from the Colonial Minute Men to the Modern Day Soldier. Soldiers from left to right include: American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraqi Freedom and Modern Day soldier. Along the bottom of the print is a 70 point time-line highlighting the major events in American Military history.

History of the United States Marine - Salute the “Few the Proud the Brave” the USMC. Marines from left to right include: Continental Marine, Barbary War, War of 1812, Second Seminole War, War with Mexico, Civil War, Chinese Boxer Rebellion, World War1, World War II, Korean War, Viet Nam War, Modern Day. The 49 point time-line includes dates, facts and five Marine emblems including the Modern Day Eagle Globe and Anchor.

History of the American Civil War - From Fort Sumter to Appomattox, discover America’s most enduring war. The 11 iconic images include: Union Artillery, US Colored Troops, Union Sailor, Union Infantry, General Grant, President Lincoln, General Lee, Confederate Infantry, Confederate Drummer, Confederate Cavalry, and General “Stonewall” Jackson. The 50 point time line highlights important dates, battles and statistics over the 4 year conflict.

History of the American Aviator - Celebrate America’s proud aviation heritage from the early pioneering days of the 1900’s to today’s modern pilot. The 8 aviators include: World War I era pilot, Female Golden Age of Aviation pilot, World War II Fighter pilot, World War II Bomber pilot, Korean fighter pilot, 1960’s Test pilot, Vietnam Fighter pilot, Commercial pilot, and Modern Day Fighter Pilot. The time-line of 13 iconic American made and operated aircraft are represented from the civilian and military field.

History of the American Police Officer - Discover the bold legacy of the American Police Officer from the colonial day "Rattle Watch" to the present-day Officer. Officer’s title from left to right include: Rattle Watch 1700s, Commissioned Officer 1800s, US Marshall 1870s, Roundsman 1900s, Patrolman1920s, Motorcycle Patrol 1950s, State Trooper 1970s, City Police 1990s, and S.W.A.T. 2000s. Under the nine police officers is a timeline of 17 police badges dating from the 1800’s to modern day.

History of the American Firefighter - Honor the rich history of the American Firefighter from the pre revolution days of the 1700’s to today’s firefighter. Firefighters include the 1740’s Rattle Watch, 1830’s Volunteer, 1860’s Volunteer, 1890’s Fire Chief, 1920's Firefighter, 1950’s Firefighter, 1970’s Firefighter, 1990’s Fire Inspector, Modern day Firefighter. The timeline of images include important inventions and development in the American Fire history.

History of the American Baseball Prints: Celebrate America's Past time, from the 1800's to modern day. Players from left to right include: 1885 Pitcher, 1903 Batter, 1910 Catcher, 1917 Batter, 1925 Fielder, 1932 Batter, 1941 Batter, 1955 Pitcher, 1966 Batter, 1985 Shortstop, Modern Day Batter. The 47 point time-line includes dates, facts and 5 vintage pieces of equipment.

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