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Take 10% off Lamson Tools! Putty knives, kitchen tools, & BBQ sets (no code required)

Autostyle Industrial Design Clay - Hard


Weight: 2 lb cylinder      Color: Light Brown

- Sulfur Free: Reduces potential corrosion of susceptible metals in computer work stations, CNC equipment, ovens and jewelry while retaining the "feel" of sulfur based clays.

- Lightweight: 25% lighter than traditional industrial styling clay. (Specific Gravity = 1.05) Reduces shipping costs and eases the process of moving finished models.

- Excellent Milling Qualities: Clay fragments do not stick to milling bits or the model surface. Chips can be brushed or blown away with compressed air. The cut surfaces hold excellent detail.

- Resistant to Shrinking and Cracking: Stabilizes collection of surface data and milling process. Saves time for model repairs and surface modification.

- Workable at 130° F (55° C) Recommended working temperature 125°F - 135° F:        Faster heat-up time to a comfortable, creamy working consistency. Working time approximately 20 minutes.

- Exceptional Cohesion and Adhesion: No need to use a hot air gun to warm an existing clay surface for lamination build-up. Seams feather out smooth and do not peel back when tooling the laminate contact surfaces. Adheres to wood, foam, or existing painted surfaces.

- Low Odor: All studios will appreciate this characteristic.



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  • Why are all 3 types of Autostyle Industrial Design Clay - Soft / Medium / Hard have same workable temperature?

    You can contact Chavant directly for technical clay questions.