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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

BrioAction 2 Mold Remover - 1 Liter

by Tenax
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Tenax Brio Action 2 Mold Remover 1 Liter

Brio Action Mold Remover is a sanitizing, biodegradable (more than 90% biodegradable) cleaner for marble, granite, terra-cotta, ceramic, terra-cotta, brick, block, concrete, stone or concrete based furniture, benches, decorative borders, and other hard surfaces. Brio Action Mold is specifically designed to remove mold, moss, algae, musk, and all other fungus products from all surfaces. Brio Action Mold Remover is also an effective sanitizer, and it is non toxic and environmentally friendly. Clean up is a cinch! Because it is biodegradable, it can simply be washed down the drain!

1. Sweep up any loose dirt and clean surface to be treated.
2. Spread product generously on surface to be treated using a brush or similar equipment. The layer of product must be at least 1mm thick.
3. Leave the product on the surface depending on the degree of the stain. We recommend an average time of 30-60 minutes at 68°. In case of lighter soiling or higher temperature reduce the time to prevent product from drying. During this time the product also sanitizes the surface.
4. Rinse thoroughly with water. Depending on the roughness of the surface (smooth, brushed, etc.), the type of dirt (residues of cement, mold, etc.) it may be useful to scour with a brush while rinsing so as to remove any dissolved material from rougher surfaces.
5. Discard the solution as it has already exhausted its effectiveness and cannot be reused.
6. In case of stubborn dirt and insufficient cleansing, repeat the treatment following steps 1 thru 4
7. It is recommended to test this product on a small hidden area to determine the correct contact time. On some very shiny surfaces this cleanser may cause partial loss of shine.
8. In order to protect the surface and improve its appearance we suggest you treat the surface with a Tenax protective sealer or wax which should be applied to a completely dry surface.

Shelf Life:
This product will last at least 12 months if kept between 65° and 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight.


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