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Memorial Day Sale! 10% off + FREE 48StateTour t-shirts w/ orders $150+ (no code required)

C-Tar Melt - Powerful Tar Melting Penetration

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EaCo Chem C-Tar Melt

Water Soluble, Non-Hazardous, Powerful Tar Melting Penetration

C-Tar Melt is a blend of water soluble, non-hazardous ingredients that give exceptionally powerful penetration and softening action. Do not dilute the product with water; product action will be stopped with the application of water. It is biodegradable and will aid in the separation of the tar residue from the rinse water if you contain and store the runoff for a short period of time. The ingredients do not harm the skin; skin will dry out if constantly exposed to the tar remover.

C-Tar Melt is safe for wood, metal, brick, and masonry surfaces and will not raise the grain or cause discoloration of the surface on its own. This is a powerful penetrating system, so the best method of tar removal from a painted vehicle is by putting a small amount on a cloth and wiping. Some softening of the paint may occur that will be stopped on rinsing, but it is very important to always check the reaction before leaving C-Tar Melt on the surface.

Size: 1 Gallon

For Use On: Wood, metal, brick, concrete and other masonry surfaces

Use to Remove: Tar residue, road grime

Product Details

  • Powerful penetration and softening action
  • Biodegradable
  • Will not harm skin if used as directed


Coverage rates will vary based on dilutions, porosity severity of stain, application method, and other factors. Proper testing will determine actual coverage rate.


C-Tar Melt is always used undiluted


Always test prior to beginning full-scale cleaning operations. Pre-testing will determine suitability and effectiveness on each type of surface and stain designated to be cleaned. Pre-testing will also determine dwell times and number of applications required to achieve desired results. Pre-testing will show any potential or adverse reactions to adjacent surfaces. Allow test areas to thoroughly dry before evaluating final appearance and results.

Safety Information

Always wear goggles and chemical resistant gloves when handling this product. Read the Safety Data Sheet for additional safety and health hazard information prior to use.

Product Specification Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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