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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us! 💥 FREE 48StateTour reusable totes w/ orders $150+
Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us! 💥 FREE 48StateTour reusable totes w/ orders $150+


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Atlas Preservation CleanStone

Atlas Preservation CleanStone is an expanded glass brick made to clean and remove hardwater staining from granite monuments.

  • Made to clean & remove hardwater from monuments
  • Can also be used on tile, grout, concrete
  • Works to remove mildew, limescale, and rust
  • Easy to use and will not damage the stone


  • No need to wet the stone or block
  • Scrub the stone with force
  • See how the hardwater staining is removed and the glossy finish is restored!

Questions & Answers

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  • are these spots which D2 will not address?

    The CleanStone will remove hard water staining. In some cases, there are black spots that the D/2 will not be effective in removing. In this case, we suggest applying D/2 to the problem areas, and wrapping in plastic to give the D/2 a longer dwell time.

Customer Reviews

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Unexpected, Yet Mind Blowing Addition to My Kit

The Cleanstone is so useful, even beyond hardwater removal. For me, it's essential for putting the finishing touches on a hardwater removal for a stone, but it's also useful in lettering infill and general clean up. Say you make a mistake and get a drop of paint on the polished surface of a stone, don't do that, but if you did, don't worry! The Cleanstone will make it so it never happened. It can also clean up tough dry sap if your cleaner isn't cutting it. It does however, have its limits. It's not effective on raw, sandblasted areas of stone. Well, not as effective, you realllllyy don't wanna drip paint on raw stone. It'll still remove some of the hardwater build up on raw stone but once it gets down to the pores it won't help you anymore. It'll also wear down crazy fast if you're not careful around edges and raw stone. Probably obvious but if you're a first time buyer just remember that.